Do Good Things

Now you can be part of Jamie Deen's Do Good Things movement!  Purchase the red rubber Do Good Things bracelet that says “Malice Toward None" on one side and “Do Good Things” on the other side by sending $2 to the food bank to cover shipping and handling.  This will be your promise to Do Goods Things and the bracelet will serve of your reminder that the first good thing you have done to honor your promise is feed four needy children!

That's right, every bracelet you purchase allows the food bank to provide four wholesome meals for a children at-risk for hunger!  Click here to order your bracelets!

Want to do more? You can join Jamie in the fight against childhood hunger with an additional donation.  Every $10 donation provides 40 nourishing meals for childre
n in need.

Hot News

Summer Feeding Programs
This summer, the food bank is providing more than 5,000 hot, nourishing meals each day for
local children who are at-risk for hunger.
When school is out for summer, so are school subsidized meals.
You can help us make sure local children receive proper nutrition this summer to help them grow and develop to meet the next school year.

Mary Jane Crouch of Second Harvest
received a check from
Rotary Club of Skidaway Island's  Susan Klein.
The award supports the food bank's
Kids Cafe program.